Alcohol Harm Reduction Project

IOGT tanzania girl guides association
The Reduction of alcohol harm among youth is a project implemented by the Tanzania Girl Guides Association (TGGA), funded by the IOGT-NTO Movement. It will from 2018-2021, having an overall goal that states “To have a 20% decrease in alcohol consumption among youth in the Dodoma Urban District, contributing to the reduction of alcohol harm in the project area by 2021”

The direct target group is 20,000 girl guides in the Dodoma urban district and the indirect target group includes 20,000 young boys and girls in the community. The project area includes four wards: Iyumbu, Northern Kikuyu, Southern Kikuyu and Makulu. It has four strategies, including alcohol mainstreaming in guiding through the use of alcohol specific syllabus, young boys and girls from various educational institutions enabled to make rational decisions on alcohol use and harm, community engagement in formulating and enforcing by-laws on alcohol matters, and building a competent project team to enable staff competence.

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