About Us

Our Vision: “To see a society with empowered girls and young women attaining their fullest potentials as resourceful citizens”
Mission: Guiding, coaching and empowering girls and young women to be self- reliant, confident through provision of
life-skills education and creation of opportunities globally

Who we are

Tanzania Girl Guides Associationis a volunteer organization aiming at empowering girls and young women to be socially, economically developed through provision of informal education and living the girl guiding laws. Tanzania Girl Guides Association is part of the World Association of Girl Guides Girl Scouts. The association was established in 1910 by the founder Lord Barden Powel in England. In 1912 Girl Guides was officially put under the patronage of his wife Olave Powell. The Girl Guides Association was established in Tanzania on 1928 at Kilimanjaro (Moshi) region under the patronage of the First governor’s wife.Currently Guiding is spread in Twenty 20 regions with approximately one hundred 100,000 members. Tanzania Girl Guides targets to recruit more members all around Tanzania. Our association has three main pillars, the promise, ten 10 laws and a motto. Girl Guides Motto is “BE PREPARED”

Our Objectives

We aim to give girls and young women a chance to learn how to manage the society and its environment, including their ownership
their behavior and mostly empowering them to make rational decisions. TGGA aims to increase their understanding concerning
patriotism molding them to become the resource of the world. TGGA aims to build a strong relationship internationally through trainings,
camps, networking and use of Technology.


There are approximately 100,000 members across Tanzania divided in age groups. The Tanzanite aged 3-6, the Brownies
aged 7-9, the Guides aged 10 -15, the Rangers aged 16 – 25, the Young leaders aged 26 – 30 and the Adult leaders aged 31 and above.
TGGA welcomes all girls and young women who are willing to live by the guiding laws and swear by the Promise.

What we do

Projects: TGGA has community development Projects that aim at giving community service and economy. The projects include
Reduction of Alcohol harm among youth, Surf Smart Project, Free Being Me Project, Solar cooking Project, Prevention of
Early pregnancy among girls, Education on prevention of HIV among disease,Youth exchange South to South Girls Movement
and Stop the Violence against girls and young women.

Trainings: TGGA provides and receives trainings through sports and outdoor activities such as camping, international conferences
and national events. Trainings are provided for girls and young women nationaland international organization. Trainings that have been
done targeted on leadership, body confidence, stopping the violence against women and surfing smart.

Donors & Patners

TGGA has a strong relationship with like-minded partners from which the following are donor partners
FredsKopsetabbreviated as FK Norway, IOGT-NTO Movement from Sweden and WAGGGS
(World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts). Other partners include the guiding units across the world,
Scouts Tanzania, the Ministry of Education and vocational studies, Ministry of Gender, TAMISEMI,
Tanzania Media Women Association(TAMWA), TRUMARK Limited and Tanzania Public Health Association (TPHA).
Our core aim is to connect and share developmental activities with many other organizations.


are supporters and donors who have a special interest in promoting the growth and development of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in the Africa Region. You can become a friend of WAGGGS Africa by donating to the Africa Region. Your support will:

• Enable girls and young women in one of the poorest regions in the world to discover their potential and become competent and confident leaders of high integrity.
• Provide opportunities for girls and young women currently not in formal education to develop essential life skills so that they can effectively navigate challenging life situations and live meaningful lives.
• Give young women the opportunity to attend and actively participate in international UN/NGO events and talk about issues that they care about while seeking solutions to address some of them.
• Fund community projects on important issues such as peace building, sexual reproductive health, HIV/AIDS projects, protection of the environment, food and nutrition including anaemia prevention, human trafficking and alcohol and drug reduction.
• Assist countries that are working towards membership of WAGGGS.

Who are Friends oF WAGGGs AFricA?
The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is the largest voluntary organization in the world dedicated to girls and young women, with 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from 145 countries included in our network. Our Member Organizations operate in five regions: Africa, Arab, Asia Pacific, Europe and Western Hemisphere. WAGGGS Africa has Member Organizations in 31 countries and is still growing.
WAGGGS aims to engage and empower young women, so that they can make a difference in their communities. We achieve this through developing and delivering non-formal education programmes, creating opportunities for girls and young women to learn and gain new skills and experience; and through the positive values and ethos of Guiding supported by the 1.5 million volunteers in the Movement

How will you benefit?

• You will be a vital partner in the world’s largest international organization for girls and young women.
• You will be invited to Africa Regional Conferences, attended by girls, young women and key staff members from across the region. Your name will appear on promotional literature in acknowledgement of your support.
• You will be invited to attend a special event to receive your membership certificate from the Chairman of the Africa Region.